[Cin] GIT checkin includes Cakewalk update + limited specialized hardware acceleration options.

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 23:44:13 CEST 2019

Hi Phyllis,

My computer is equipped with a Nvidia GTX-750-Ti video card. It was one 
of the first two nvidia cards to use the Maxwell architecture. It 
includes 640 Cuda cores.

I use Linux Mint 18.3 Mate 64bit (which is built from a 16.04 kernel 
from Ubuntu). The nvidia 384.130 driver is installed.

I never installed anything particular for the Cuda cores and I don't 
know if I would be able to successfully install the CUDA Toolkit from 

But if I can be useful in testing your development, I'm ready to try.


On 19-06-16 16 h 07, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> NVENC/NVDEC for Nvidia graphics board encoding and decoding will 
> automatically be built by way of the configure scripts.  But first, 
> before anyone gets too excited, let me just warn you that the ONLY 
> encode codec Nvidia chose to support is H264 and H265 with H265 
> available on just the latest graphics boards (supposedly at least the 
> ones with the Maxwell chip). Also included in the ffmpeg build is 
> "nvdec" but we have not figured out yet how this affects the hardware 
> acceleration already in place with the use of CIN_HW_DEV=vdpau.

> If you have already installed the Cuda software on your computer -- and 
> let me warn you, this is about 3GB of additional space usage -- the 
> default build in the configure script is for cuda is "auto".  Otherwise 
> it will NOT be included.  Obviously, you must have the Nvdia drivers for 
> your graphics board installed too.  Cuda is available to install on your 
> computer only for a specific set of Operating System distros.  Go to the 
> following website:
> https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads?target_os=Linux&target_arch=x86_64
> and gg says follow the very good set of directions to install around 3 
> GB. It installs repos by package.  Also, install the "fusion repo" -- we 
> do not know if this needs to be installed or not, but all of our test 
> included it.

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