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Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Mar 12 15:06:32 CET 2019

Hi Daniel,
take a look at screencast, please.
Shared track function. It works for the Autos: Camera, Projector, Fade. 
Not for Effects and Transitions.


The original idea is not mine but by igor_ubuntu user.
Original thread to 
(Thanks again igor_ubuntu, everywhere you are!)

Il 12/03/2019 5.01, Daniel Reurich ha scritto:
> Hi Phyllis,
> Perhaps a picture will help..
> I have 2 camera recordings that provide the complete timeline for a
> whole days footage, and I'm adding in additional content like slides
> that were put on the screen.
> What I'm ideally after is a monitor for each video track at the point
> before it enters the mixer, and presents that tracks image at the
> cursor.  It would be what the mixer view presents but before any
> fade/mute/mix is applied.  It would be nice to be able to select between
> pre and post effects.
> Perhaps it could be done by extending the mixer viewer paradigm to be a
> multi-stage moniter - able to select the following modes:
> a) Input signal: this is the view you'd see from this track at the
> timelines cursor but before any effects, fade/mute or mixing stages.
> It would be like seeing what the raw frame of a 2nd camera feed looks
> like at that point in the timeline.  This would be useful for doing
> things like aligning video from commodity camera's where different
> angles of the same footage can be aligned to saw a clapper board.
> b) Prefade - This is a view of the Input signal of the track the primary
> effects including camera and projector effect applied, but before the
> fader/mute stage.
> This would be used to see the track Input signal with the effects
> applied.  It would useful particularly for preparing picture in picture
> overlays and ensuring that before fading between tracks
> c) Mixer view - This the same as the current Mixer view.
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