[Cin] Backup up your EDL when use latest build

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 22:56:40 CET 2019


1) Aesthetic (only SUV theme): the colored square in "Automation Type"
> PullDown menu on bottom of the Main window is too near to the border
> left side of the PullDown menu.
This will be moved 4 pixels to the right and looks better.  Thank you for
noticing.  It is not in the latest build, but will be the next time gg does

> 2) "Label do not showed in Timeline" (see MantisBT issue #155) is still
> there (but you always know).
As stated in issue #155 this was fixed this morning.



> 4) "Preview" PullDown menu (should I call it DropDown list?) is Okay but
> consider what I write below, please.
> Maybe, if that PullDownMenu was drawn with the downArrow (on the right
> side) an user understands on the fly that it is a PullDOwn menu, I think.
> With "No Play" option chosen, could be better don't show the line over
> the text when you do MMB (Middle Mouse Button)  on it (it is the same
> function).
The above suggestions will be incorporated into the NEXT checking (not
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