[Cin] Backup up your EDL when use latest build

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Thu Mar 14 11:08:28 CET 2019

Thanks for all, GG/Phyllis.
In your built Mar13 2019 09:46:04,
I just see that now I can close all the PullDown menu pressing on that 
button again. Before it was not possible. Very good job. Thanks, thanks, 
I write other things here because they are not bug but about aesthetic. 
Let me know if I am wrong to write here and it is better I write in 
Mantis-Bt, please. (You make me sweat. GG/Phyllis, You are going too 
fast for me.)

1) "Overlay mode" button in Patchbay: the down arrow has been moved over 
the icon.
2) "Shell cmds" button in Main window is no longer aligned to "FF" icon.
(see screenshot added)

3) The texts on the top of the "Preset Edit" window are moved when the 
window is resized.
Added screencast at


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