[Cin] Keeping older tarballs - inclusion in Solus' repo

Jacek Jagosz jacek.jagosz at outlook.com
Wed May 1 13:44:06 CEST 2019

> But core team don't agree to do so, because you don't keep old tarballs.
>> It might cause some problems when a rebuild is needed and maintainer wasn't
>> able to update the package right when a new version was released, or a
>> regression occurred. Could you please keep one previous tarball?
>Thank you for considering to add Cinelerra-GG to the Solus repo.  Your
>consideration is appreciated.
>We have always kept the previous month's tarballs and packages in the "old
>directory" for just one month.  For example, the current month which in
>this case for March (until later today!!) is always in:
>The previous month's which in this case is February's build is always at:
>Perhaps the confusion is the date on these files - which differs because we
>are in the United States but the server is in the European Union.  We
>always build the new versions on the exact last day of each month unless we
>have a problem or expect a problem.
>*Your core team is absolutely following best practices by insisting to keep
>old tarballs*.  If necessary we could probably keep an additional month but
>we "grew up" in the days when disk space was at a premium and old habits
>are hard to break.  Let us know.    GG/Phyllis

Thank you so much for your reply,
The problem I have is simple. When you package for Solus, there is a line:
source: -https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/pkgs/src/cin_5.1.20190331-src.tgz
And when you release a new version, the file gets transferred to a different directory (/old_pkgs), so the URL no longer works. So when maintainer wasn't able to update it on time, or simply is testing a new version and wants to delay the update for a few days, if a rebuild is needed, it will fail.
So one month back is enough, just please, if only it's possible, keep old packages at the same URL. Actually, the only one we need is the /pkgs/src/*-src.tgz, so if you don't feel like you need to do it for all files, please at least do it for this one.
Jacek Jagosz
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