[Cin] French translation is complete

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sun May 5 16:34:02 CEST 2019

Sorry I'm late for the answer. I was busy with my work.

On 01.05.19 00:13, Olivier Humbert wrote:
> I was on my way to ask you to put my name here : 
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/fr/traduire-le-site-web/ but then, I've 
> double-check on the English equivalent page ( 
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/translate-website/ ) and I saw it's 
> already been added. Thank you for that! Then I went into the CMS 
> translation interface, and I saw that 2 pages where in need to be 
> updated. (These 2 translation updates are done now).


> That leaves me with a question mark: I was under the impression 
> (probably wrong) that any time a new page was added or modified, the 
> translation interface would send me an email. Is that wrong then? 
> Could that be done? I've to confess that it'd be very handy for me to 
> be responsive with the website French translation.

Normally, the WPML will automatically send out the email, but only after 
the process has been marked as done. This was not the case because while 
you were still working on the translation, I had changed something again 
and this will not be notified by email. Only when everything is done and 
I change something, then you get a notification. Because while you are 
still working on the translations, you can see that something has 
changed in the list. In the future you will automatically get a 

> 3 small typos (please find the screenshot attached):
> - cingg-website-1: there is a missing capital letter here
> - cingg-website-2: there is a "/" character which shouldn't be here, 
> and the same missing capital letter than in cingg-website-1
Thank you. I changed it.


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