[Cin] Observations using GPU on DNxHD and MPEG proxy while running CinelerraGG

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri May 17 00:55:06 CEST 2019


It sounds like from what IgorB is saying, there is nothing wrong with your
Graphics board and I found at least one place on the internet that
indicated it has vdpau capabiities. I simply can not understand why you
still are getting only about 12 frames/sec using OpenGL and why the mpeg
proxy files are not seeing improved frame rate also.

Phyllis quote: Instead of working with 29.97 fps media, I loaded Big Buck
> Bunny which is 60 frames per second.  And there may be something strange
> going on as Pierre indicated that I will have to test on a faster
> computer.  Because when I played this, like Pierre, it seems to limit it at
> always 30 fps whether I user X11 or OpenGL.  Then when I proxy it to 1/2, I
> thought I should have improved the frame rate but it too was at only 30
> fps.

As far as the above, I planned on showing this to GG to get an explanation
of why I too was not getting an improved frames/sec with proxy, BUT he
always makes me prove it to him.  So I had to start Cinelerra from a clean
beginning with nothing set, and then I could not reproduce the 30
frames/sec only and had the full 60 frames/sec in the non-proxy case
already.  I am still trying to determine if I can find the bad case to show
GG but may have to give up.  Phyllis
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