[Cin] CinGG manual to Latex

Спицын Андрей spitsyn.andrey at gmail.com
Sun May 19 12:38:38 CEST 2019


I'm sorry for my disappearance, a lot of work lately.
About your questions.

> - "Wrapfigures" have too much white space on the sides, but I don't
> know how to fix it. (instead of vertical spaces I know how to change
> them).
I see that you are using wrapfloat environment, but it's leave much
space behind it. So I suggest using wrapfigure environment with optional
parameters like this:

%                  |   |    |____ width of block for figure 
%                  |   |_________ placement (can be r,l - right or left; O,I - outside or inside in booklike document 
%                  |_____________ vertical length of block for figures (in lines)
    \vspace{-1ex} % change here for vertical alignment of figure, 
                  % values can be negative, to reduce space above
                  % figure.
%                            |___ width of figure relative to block 
%                                 width. You can use an absolute values 
%                                 cm,mm but it's unflexible then you change page size of format.

> - I can't create trim and shuttle tables. (sec. 5.7.5 and 5.8.3). I
> get bad results.

>I tried to create the table for section 5.7.5 but I don't like the
>result very much. Do you have any advice?

There is already colorful figure for this.
I'm think it's better than a table 
It's better to ask Phyllis or GG that should be used here.

> - Put a subtitle to a section (5.8). I used "footnotesize" because I
> don't know the right way.
I used \footnote here (see my code).

> - When using "\begin{lstlisting}" can you make the lines end with the
> code instead of continuing to the edge?
I'm think it's impossible or I don't know how to do it.

>I also tried with tables for section 5.8.3 but you need the package
>"sidewaystable" to rotate the table and I do not know if you should
>add it and how to do it. I left the code that uses sidewaystable to
>show you, but so produces error, of course. It also gives me error for
>the caption of the table and I do not understand why.

You can use any packages from TexLive distribution. 
Simply add a line contains \usepackage{NAME} in common/packages.tex
file. The package name for sidewaystable is rotating.
But instead of use sidewaystable I prefer to use landscape environment.
It creates landscape page just like sidewaystable doi, but text placed
horizontally to reader (page is rotated initially).
The captions can be used on defined types of environments, figures,
tables, longtables and so on. Sidewaystable isn't a table so caption
does not work. Sidewaystable is like rotated box for table.

I've made some edits to your previous version, please mail me then you
are done with this chapter so I can merge the two versions.

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