[Cin] GIT checkin of Masking enhancements +

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon May 27 22:30:35 CEST 2019

The latest GIT checkin needs some more testing in Masking.  Here is why.
Masking was using OpenGL 1.x (1.2 or 1.4, not sure) and is now using OpenGL
4.3.  This was a major accomplishment that took an entire week.  Hopefully,
everything works just fine but of some concern is the older operating
systems.  OpenGL 1.x came out in about 2002 and OpenGL 4.3 came out in
2012; so it is really old enough that even the older operating systems
should have it installed, but not sure.  The workaround for any system not
up to version 4.3, is to use the X11 video driver for masking instead of

What is in this checkin? that was not noted in MantisBT #2:

1) Gang fade and feather has been added.  This is a symbol to the right of
those slider bars and looks like 2 links in a chain entwined.  As you
fade/feather one of the masks, the others will fade/feather accordingly up
to a point (i.e. relative).
2) The fade and feather slider bars are now the same size in length.
3) Markers checkbox added to turn on/off the points for easier viewing.
4) Boundary checkbox added to turn on/off the boundary so as to not
interfere with your view.
5) There is no longer a Mode button because now you can use the Fader
slider to go positive (multiply) or negative (subtract) and it is a lot
easier to use.  Previously saved projects Mode should work as well and we
did make an effort to test these.
6) The fade and feather sliders have a sticky spot near zero so it is easy
to stop there.
7) make_shader rework -- this is not just in masking

GG had to get this checked in as soon as possible to get more testing done
before the end of the month builds, therefore all of the other changes that
need to go in from the suggestions/bugs did not make it in.  But hopefully
will in a couple of days.

An Ubuntu16 test build is at:

Please report any anomalies if you happen to test.  Thank you, Phyllis/GG
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