[Cin] French translation update

Olivier Humbert trebmuh at tuxfamily.org
Tue May 28 03:00:46 CEST 2019

Le 2019-05-28 01:12, Phyllis Smith a écrit :

>> Please, find attached an update for the French translation of Cin.
>> It is based on the cin_5.1.20190430-src.tgz version.
> Thank you.  I did an "mgdiff" on it and it looks like you did a lot of
> work!  I used it with Cinelerra successfully.

Yep, that was a few hours of work to get to this point. I've tested 
building it too so I was sure there was no typo avoiding compilation.

> Later we will make a
> Mint 18 test build to include this so Pierre can check it out.

Nice. Please, note that this is also in the testing phase on LibraZiK-2, 
then a few potential users are able to use it.

Note to all: if you're running a Debian Stretch distribution, you could 
be able to install this package (LibraZiK-2 is based on Debian Stretch). 
If you're interested, just let me know.

Note about the current state of the French translation: I've already 
spotted a few typos/mistakes and such. I'll work on it probably next 
month by starting to make a whole review of it since it looks like the 
current French translation has been make by different people (I can see 
different styles of translation in there and it needs a consistency 

>> I would be glad if this update could get in for the next monthly
>> release
>> (to happen in few following days I guess), and then after that, I
>> could
>> start to do a whole review of the French translation (which is in
>> need
>> of that).
> It will go into this month's build for sure.

Nice, thank you.

> I did not check the
> steps you followed yet but since it worked, it must be right and I
> have time to check it yet.

OK. (Did you mean "I have *no* time to check it yet" ?)

>> 2. edited po/xlat.sh and added "--from-code utf-8" to the xgettext
>> line
>> (see [1] below)
>> [1] without this edit, the step n°3 was throwing an error at me. It
>> might be useful to add this change in the source I guess.
> GG has quickly looked at this and says "good spot" - he will fix that.

OK, nice. Note that a friend "Jean Pierre" told me how to do it, so 
kudos are going to him.

> The po files are quite big so if you want to send email to the mailing
> list so everyone knows about the update without the po file and just
> send the actual file directly to me, that would be just fine.
> gg/Phyllis

OK, I'm noting that in a corner of my brain.
That said, since Sam told me earlier that he increased the attached 
piece weight limitation from 400ko to 750ko, it'd be fine next time. 
We'll see that!

Cheers, and thanks for the continuing support Phyllis (and most probably 
GG too).


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