[Cin] Spend whole day writing single-line Makefile

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 14:20:26 CET 2019


because I forgot about 'you must use tabs in makefiles' It still errors out, but at least build goes past ffmpeg's configure..

I'm trying to hack-in my latest discovery about multidepth x265.

So, it really hack - thirdparty/Makefile patched for not creating configure in x265 dir,
then Makefile, pseudo 'configure' with just one /bin/true line and multilib.sh script 
copied into just created folder, and after this CinGG's build system handles the rest ...hopefully
(build not yet finished)

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mkdir -p 8bit 10bit 12bit

cd 12bit
make  -j 1

cd ../10bit
make -j 1

cd ../8bit
ln -sf ../10bit/libx265.a libx265_main10.a
ln -sf ../12bit/libx265.a libx265_main12.a
cmake ../source -DEXTRA_LIB="x265_main10.a;x265_main12.a" -DENABLE_SHARED=OFF -DEXTRA_LINK_FLAGS=-L. -DLINKED_10BIT=ON -DLINKED_12BIT=ON
make -j 1

# rename the 8bit library, then combine all three into libx265.a
mv libx265.a libx265_main.a

if [ "$uname" = "Linux" ]

# On Linux, we use GNU ar to combine the static libraries together
ar -M <<EOF
CREATE libx265.a
ADDLIB libx265_main.a
ADDLIB libx265_main10.a
ADDLIB libx265_main12.a


# Mac/BSD libtool
libtool -static -o libx265.a libx265_main.a libx265_main10.a libx265_main12.a 2>/dev/null


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