[Cin] Quicktime and beginning of digital video editing era [article from 2013]

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Mon Nov 4 16:42:01 CET 2019

Very Interesting -- I did not know that but it sounds like Quicktime made
NLEs possible for ordinary people as opposed to the experts in the Film
Industry.  Some interesting articles quoted here but I only had time to
skim a little.

> scroll down to Quicktime Does it All (but you can read whole thing if you
> like)
> ---------
> Quicktime was basically a complete library for creating video editing
> programs. It included standard code for selecting a video digitizer,
> copying and pasting movies, even setting a selection in a movie
> (effectively setting in and out points for an edit), and cutting or copying
> only that selection. It included built-in support for superimposing styled
> text on movies, and even for scrolling text to make titles and credits. All
> that made it much bigger than other Apple APIs at the time. In fact it was
> not one API, but rather a collection of them.

So, basically it explains existence of controls you can see for example in
> ffmpeg-4.2/libavformat/mov.c :

I imagine that Adam implemented this and more in the original Cinelerra
Quicktime decoder/encoder.
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