[Cin] Done! spanish tranlation is complete!

Sergio Daniel Gomez sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar
Thu Nov 14 16:17:59 CET 2019

You are welcome!

About terms in menu...

Download menu:
* Packages = Paquetes
*Single-User buils = Para único usario
*Distros with Cinelerra = Distribuciones con Conelerra
*Documentation = Documentación

Suppor menu:
* issue tracker = Seguimiento de problemas
* Mailing list = Lista de correos
* Documentation = Documentación
* Forum = Foro

Get Involved menu:
*Improve the documentation = Mejore la documentación
*Artist forum = Foro de artistas
*Report a bug = Reporte un error
*Suggest new features = Sugiera nuevas características

About add me to the list of translators, feel free to do it. But 
remember I learned a lot doing it.


El 14/11/2019 a las 11:34, Sam escribió:
> Thank you very much for your great and very fast support.
> I have enabled the Spanish language setting, there are still some 
> English terms in the menus, sometimes the translation tool causes 
> problems. If you want to send me the translations of these terms, I 
> can enter them manually.
> If you wish, I can add you to the list of translators so that people 
> can see that you supported us. 
> https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/translate-website/
> Thanks again for your great work!
> Sam
> On 14.11.19 02:50, Sergio Daniel Gomez wrote:
>> My work is done. I am very grateful for allowing me to collaborate in 
>> this project, because despite using cinelerra years ago, reading to 
>> translate I found an enormity of things I didn't know.
>> So, I insist, thank you very much, you will say how it continues...
>> Sergio

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