[Cin] Blu-ray encoding again

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 23:37:10 CET 2019

В сообщении от Friday 15 November 2019 01:01:29 Marton Balint написал(а):
> On Thu, 14 Nov 2019, Andrew Randrianasulu wrote:
> >> "Warning: Do not use the option x264opts, as it will eventually be removed.
> >> Use x264-params instead."
> >> *ok.  we will change that.*
> >>
> >> f*or bluray_format, mpegts_m2ts_mode=1 *(changed to 2 by me) causes the
> >> transport stream to set
> >> the transport_priority flag if the packet is audio ac3, which is sort of a
> >> kludge... but this is
> >> necessary to get audio to reproduce on my home bluray player (samsung
> >> ubd-k8500).  This was
> >> discovered by checking the diff between the ffmpeg output (which fails on
> >> player) and the "sintel"
> >> iso file from blender site (which works on player).  The mode=2 triggers
> >> mode=1 and add the
> >> transport_priority flag for ac3 audio.  It definitely helps here at home.
> >> Similarly, *sdt_period=-1*
> >> turns off the service descriptor table output, since this is not a
> >> broadcast stream.  I am not an
> >> expert on mpegts and these changes work for me.  If you have better
> >> information, let me know.
> >
> > I'm not expert too, but may be Marton can explain to us
> > if those changes acceptable in upstream, or they
> > must be done as separate parameters ..
> I think we should just change behaviour unconditionally if m2ts mode is 
> used, unless there is a known downside of doing so. I will extend my 
> branch with a patch which makes the muxer not use SDT in m2ts mode, I was 
> not aware that it is not needed in BluRay.

There is alternative ts muxer recently open-sourced, you can look into its code:

NOT guaranteed to be correct, but some code better than no code 
(buildable for me on 32-bit Slackware)

File I used for test was named 1080p25.ts and I found it ...
http://www.w6rz.net/1080p25.zip here

I can try and locate some ps4 user, in theory this system 
should be able to play Blu-Rays:

> Regards,
> Marton

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