[Cin] Po files for spanish translation

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sun Nov 17 17:29:51 CET 2019

It would be great if we could use the translation tool WPML from 
WordPress for the Cinelerra manual, then it would be easy to translate 
the whole manual, because the automatic translation function of WPML 
does a lot of work.

My suggestion would be as follows:

1. The manual can be imported as HTML, so you can export it and also 
import it into LaTex, some hand changes to LaTex would still be necessary.
2. Changes could then always be done very quickly online and several 
people could also work on the manual, because the individual web pages 
could be maintained independently of each other.
3. Translators would then always be notified immediately if there were 
any new changes to the manual. This allows the translator to react quickly.
4. The translator does not have to bother with the design of the manual 
because the translation is independent of the design.
5. The translator does not have to familiarize himself with other tools 
like LaTex.

The HTML document can be exported to LaTex, LaTex can be used to create 
very nice looking PDF manuals that users can download or look up online.


On 17.11.19 17:03, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Sergio:
>     Oh! I didn't say it, but I recompile last cingg version with this
>     .po to test, my personal test, before send it.
> Good to know. I was not concerned about that but I always just like to 
> try it anyway.
>     Additionally... Translate the documentation, does it sound too
>     ambitious?
> It does sound like a lot of work and it would certainly be 
> worthwhile.  BUT I think we need to wait until it is fully converted 
> to LaTex (Andrea/Andrey are getting pretty close as far as I know).  
> And I have many additions to make for new features that have been 
> added recently that are currently undocumented, plus installing the 
> latex package on my laptop and learning how to use it.  If you 
> translate it now, it would be more work to fix it up later. However, 
> it is your choice.
> Andrea: what do you think?
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