[Cin] Po files for spanish translation

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 23:45:00 CET 2019

The "some stream have bad times" is in ffmpeg.C but s not currently set up
to be translated.  I will fix this.
The "AudioALSA write_buffer err" is in audioalsa.C and also is not
currently set up to be translated.  I will fix this.

In addition, in the last GIT checkin, gg found some missing lines that
needed to be translated to include:
   proxy.C, line 355  -- Error making proxy.
   proxy.C line 436  -- Beep on done volume    (same phrase in render.C and

Plus the new convert.C/convert.h Transcode routine phrases -- these are not
yet checked in as fixes as the name Convert is being change to Transcode:

Render untagged assets and replace in project
Tag suffix:
Remove originals from project
convert: failed=%d canceled=%d\n
TranscodeRender::run: done in %s\n
transcode cancelled
transcode failed
transcode %d files, render time %s
Transcode files...
Transcode clip
Error making transcode.
Transcode settings

On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 11:49 AM <sergiogomez at tostado.com.ar> wrote:

> Hi Phyllis. Please, if you have some time, check the image
> https://www.fierrosiptv.com/AportesCinGG/Screenshot_20191120_153304-1.png
> you'll see some untranslated phrases on the console and some partially
> translated.
> Where do I find that to translate?
> Thanks and apologies for my obsession.
> Sergio
> El 2019-11-18 21:29, Phyllis Smith escribió:
> Yeah!! the spanish translation provided by Sergio has been checked into
> GIT.  Thanks to him again, gg/Phyllis
> And in this case... http://www.fierrosiptv.com/AportesCinGG/app/es.po
> Sergio
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