[Cin] Suggestions: toolbar buttons

d quinton quinton.dv at zoho.com
Tue Oct 1 15:47:23 CEST 2019

Hello, I'm sorry if I'm not on the mailing list yet, I tried and my address was banned!

I did give some input about two years ago when I started using cin-gg, but since then I've been avidly using but not commenting since time to do so is quite hard to find, especially due to the fact that I am based in deep jungle away from the internet for most of of my life nowadays!

But I have been making note of things that I think could be tweaked to make improvement, mostly with UI, but a few features too.

So to start with, here's some UI features that might be useful to have...

Toolbar buttons:
-loop playback toggle

-snap left edit end/right edit end to insert point (done with the ctrl-alt-</> keys)

-window show toggle (viewer/resources/compositor/overlays/levels) 

and in the load files dialogue- icon buttons to select insert strategy (the drop down list takes longer) - I think cin-CV has these

more to say in another email

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