[Cin] Suggestions: resource window

d quinton quinton.dv at zoho.com
Tue Oct 1 16:08:28 CEST 2019

1. To have tooltips in mouse-hover over effects and transitions in the Resource window, showing the info of each would reduce the need to right click on them for info.

2. effect/transition bins - drag the effect to a bin then give it a label, enable opening the parameters dialogue, add it to clip/io point/track - the levels stay fixed for that 'bin effect', which means that one effect can be added multiple times to the bin and different levels can be set - thus making fast work for frequent needs - eg. different scaling, high contrast/low contrast etc


3. press a key (Shift?) while dragging effect to the project applies it to the entire timeline, irrelevant of having io points set - it annoys me that I need to remove the i/o points every time I want to apply a scale to the whole timeline (and I usually forget and need to backtrack)

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