[Cin] New build tars and packages are available

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Oct 5 10:30:34 CEST 2019

Thanks, Andrea and Phyllis, for the compliments.

GG/Phyllis wrote:
> The transition wipe shapes are being added to CinelerraGG
Thank you for that.

> GG says because it is resampled we don't need both 540 and 1080 so he 
> will add only the 1080's
Yes it is resampled, but by my tests on my poor PC, 540 works faster 
than 1080:
for a 29.97 fps project, the MIN fps achieved with "Tr-1080_Butterfly" 
is 22fps, while with "Tr-540_Butterfly" is 28fps. So, in some projects I 
can use the 540 instead of 1080 to save cpu. Probably in your computer 
you can not see that difference.

Andrea_paz wrote:
> Can I post the video page in the forum section: "Look at me"?
Thanks Andrea for asking, but I prefer not now.

> The Camera and Projector Tools in the Compositor now have F11/Shift 
> F11 and F12/Shift F12 hooked into the gui menu and with tooltips for 
> easy access.
> ..., but the camera/projector tool window is not very nice. I would 
> suggest to increase the size and reposition the buttons in a better way. 
I agree with you. A different layout/icons is needed there, for me.



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