[Cin] New build tars and packages are available

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Wed Oct 9 14:07:32 CEST 2019

About Camera and Projector tools layout, I write here and in MantiBT-287

I added a first sketch only for discussion and to try a good/possible 

Andrea_paz wrote:
> I'm sorry to touch on a subject that GG doesn't like, but the

> camera/projector tool window is not very nice. I would suggest to

> increase the size and reposition the buttons in a better way.

GG/Phyllis wrote:
> Andrea's suggestion for changing the Projector and Camera menus to be 
> mask-like also is a good idea.  I am not sure if there are BT issues 
> related to Projector/Camera but it would probably be best to do that 
> at the same time as other work on these 2 as that is easier for GG in 
> case the layout has any new features.  Again, at that time if someone 
> provides a layout, then GG will implement it as he does not like to 
> design it himself.

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