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Hi Marco,

We have a discussion about markdown, and other markup languages in
bugtracker https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/bugtracker/view.php?id=77
Asciidoc, markdown and other Lightweight markup language(LML) has advantages
and disadvantages. The advantages you already mentioned is
convertibility into html and into other formats.
Syntax IMHO is a mater of taste. 
The disadvantages of LML is a continuation of it advantages, 
LML has a lack of control of output format.
To produce a good pdf from Asciidoc, you have to fine tune the standard latex template and entire document,
because Asciidoc and other LMLs use latex to convert into pdf.  No Tikz drawing support.
Sometime a conversion goes wrong, see attached file.
And so on. LMLs produce a much simpler documents even with a latex

LaTeX has much more power to do with pdf format, and because of that
produce nice looking pdfs, that looks like a real book.
And it's goes closer to some kind of art, see https://github.com/jemmybutton/byrne-euclid

>Anyway when I have some spare time I can try to convert all 600 pages of
>docs in asciidoc to see how it comes out...

I don't know can I speak for a whole community, but we are welcome any help.
It would be nice to have ability to convert latex manual into asciidoc.

Best regards,
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