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> I am a lurker in this ml, I am sorry, I also am not really a cinelerra
> user but I do like _very much_ the project, the spirit, the people.
Lurkers are welcome! and it is nice to get more opinions from outside who
have experience in different areas.

I am sorry but I do not think that Latex is really a good language to write
> docs apart from math books. ...

I mean that now there are better laguages that permits to write docs in
> ...
> One of my favourite is asciidoc.
I see that asciidoc is text format.  That for me, personally, is the number
1 reason for using any document writing tool.  It has to be in text format
so that only the actual changes can be checked into GIT (like github does)
without checking in a whole bunch of stuff -- that was the major problem
with using the original .odt format. So Latex fits and exists just about
everywhere.  You may be right that other tools would fit even better. As
there is a lot of work to get a good document completed and to keep it
updated, the current set of people doing the work have to be happy with
which tool is being used and I have to be able to change it continuously as
the developer changes stuff so frequently.  I think I can learn to use
Latex most easily because of my background.

The MAJOR GOAL right now is to get the document in a correct and current
state, and as .odt, it was not easily fixed.  Once in Latex there is still
a lot of work to get it updated to actually match the software.  If in the
future, other considerations come into play, it sounds like it could be
switched over if needed.

> I know a joke about UDP, but you might not get it.

 To steal someone's quote from the internet, "The problem with UDP jokes is
that I don't get half of them!"
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