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Thank you for your kind words. Let's start from your last question.
There a several ways to do that.
1. Use Writer2Latex. In debian it in libreoffice-writer2latex package.  
Create table in Writer, select it, then go to Export... click the
Selection checkbox and select LaTeX 2e from drop-down menu.
After that the hude menu will appear. 
Select Ultraclean Article, Pdf (pdfTeX) and Unicode (UTF8) from
drop-down menu, untick all other option, end click Export.
Save new file and open it with Texstudio. Scroll down to the table.
Note that Writer2Latex use supertabular package (but I don't like to use
it). You can copy the entire table or copy only content.
I prefer to create table header independently, to ensure the best
One caveat, don't use any formatting in Write, except cell
2. Use Calc2Latex extension for LibreOffice, it's old but still usable.
Can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/calc2latex/
Open any spreadsheet and select the rows/columns you want to appear in your table. 
Go to "Extras / Execute Macro / My Macros/Calc2Latex". 
Click on "Main" in the right side and "execute".
Then you can copy entire table or only a content.
I used that extension for a long time, then moved to the next method.
3. Script for Texstudio. Can be found here https://sourceforge.net/p/texstudio/wiki/Scripts/#paste-as-latex-table
Copy entire script, open Texstudio and go to Macros -> Edit Macros -> Add. 
Paste entire script into text field LaTeX Content, tick script mark.
Then copy table or cells from calc, go to Texstudio and use the script.
4. Online table generators.
https://www.tablesgenerator.com/ or similar. 
Can't say anything about them. 

The first question. Give me some time and I'll create the header for
that table. It's OK if I'll paste it in mail message, not in repo?

Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 02:55:48PM +0200, Andrea paz написал:
>Despite the praise I've given you above, I'm too ignorant to be able
>to make a table for the Shortcuts :-)
>I've tried to study and adapt your examples, but I don't get usable
>results. I would need a structure like the one I show in the attached
>image (slightly modified from the table in the manual, because it
>contains errors).
>Another important question: [we talked about it some time ago, but I'm
>afraid I need detailed explanations] Come can I enter the huge amount
>of data in the libreoffice table as automatically as possible, instead
>of writing cell by cell? I tried to save the table in CSV, but I don't
>know how to do it.
>There is no hurry to have images or anything else; we can insert them
>easily when they are ready.

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