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Marco Ciampa ciampix at posteo.net
Fri Oct 11 08:42:13 CEST 2019

On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 10:49:05PM +0300, Спицын Андрей wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> We have a discussion about markdown, and other markup languages in
> bugtracker https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/bugtracker/view.php?id=77

Markdown is a nightmare of dialects...

> Asciidoc, markdown and other Lightweight markup language(LML) has advantages
> and disadvantages. The advantages you already mentioned is
> convertibility into html and into other formats.
> Syntax IMHO is a mater of taste. The disadvantages of LML is a continuation
> of it advantages, LML has a lack of control of output format.
> To produce a good pdf from Asciidoc, you have to fine tune the standard latex template and entire document,

This is past. Asciidoctor-pdf produces beautiful pdf from scratch.
No need to convert into docbook or latex anymore.

> because Asciidoc and other LMLs use latex to convert into pdf.  No Tikz drawing support.
> Sometime a conversion goes wrong, see attached file.
> And so on. LMLs produce a much simpler documents even with a latex
> support.
> LaTeX has much more power to do with pdf format, and because of that
> produce nice looking pdfs, that looks like a real book.
> And it's goes closer to some kind of art, see https://github.com/jemmybutton/byrne-euclid

As already said, this is good for math books, and perhaps even for math
book it is not compulsory since now you can just insert a small latex
code into asciidoc when you need to render a formula...

> > Anyway when I have some spare time I can try to convert all 600 pages of
> > docs in asciidoc to see how it comes out...
> I don't know can I speak for a whole community, but we are welcome any help.
> It would be nice to have ability to convert latex manual into asciidoc.

Well, lets discuss this when (and _if_) I succeed in doing that!


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