[Cin] utvideo options file

Pierre autourduglobe p.autourduglobe at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 18:54:20 CET 2019

Interesting that you want to allow CinGG to use the UT Video codec suite.

I have a capture card in a Windows machine that I use occasionally to 
digitize old video sequences from different analog VCRs. When I do, I 
use VirtualDub to capture and then bring the files back under Linux and 
CinGG for editing.

I wanted to try to add the UT Video codec to VirtualDub to try to get 
lossless files, which are smaller than with HuffYUV or Lagarith.

If CinGG now accepts the UT Video codec, I would be even more tempted to 
try this way.


On 19-10-27 12 h 50, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Andrew:  interesting testing.  We will add the 3 opts files of 
> utvideo.qt, r210.qt, and v210.qt -- you never know who might want them.  
> As far as pixel formats go, you would not believe how "smart" the 
> correlation between CinGG and ffmpeg is.  In the Video wrench for qt 
> menu, there is Pixels textbox field with a down arrow.  When you click 
> on that down arrow to the right, it is so smart that it shows you the 
> legal pixel formats.
>     just trying various codecs ...
>     mov utvideo
>     pix_fmt=yuv444p
>     threads=2
>     ...
>     Also, I think strange  codec called
>     v210 is still missing,
>     ...
>     also there is
>     r210            Uncompressed RGB 10-bit
>     ...
>     but I haven't added pixel formats info ....
>     r210 seems to demand gbrp10le
>     and v210 accept yuv422p10le or yuv422p, so I think v210 should use 
>     yuv422p10le ?
> Legal pixformats for utvideo are: gbrp, gbrap, yuv422p, yuv420p, yuv444p
> Legal pixformats for v210 are: yuv422p10le, yuv422p
> Legal pixformats for r210 are: gbrp10le

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