[Cin] Denoising overly dark (and noisy) videos?

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 16:29:03 CET 2019


Hopefully this email will be in some sense useful, even if 
it probably shows I don't know how to use CinGG yet.

I have few videos I recorded at dark times with phone.

Attempt to denoise them resulted in ... either blurry mess or
nearly same amount of noise as before.

So, I just tried this trick about shrinking (downscaling) and then re-upscaling video
then added auto histogram normalization, removed color channels a bit with YUV, 
and played with Brightness settings too.

IMO result still better than originals... esp. for  web-players (they still don't know
how to change brightness/contrast, at least popular ones from Facebook/Vkontakte/Youtube)


originals and two xml project files for CinGG.

I wonder if anyone can get any real denosing with Cin(GG) on those files?
I tried F_nlmeans (played with params a bit),
F_hqdn3d, few other slow denoisers from FFmpeg, internal 'noise removal' plugin...

IIUC those groups of plugins can be saved (over black track?) as nested 'clips'/projects for later reuse?

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