[Cin] DCA encoder working, TrueHD probably need patch

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 23:04:55 CET 2019


Hi, I tried MLP/trueHD audio encoding in CinGG, but it was failing even
> with "strict -2" set in option files, probably need this patch:
> https://git.ffmpeg.org/gitweb/ffmpeg.git/commit/808a6717e0c584738c60a109afd6d47f4973d619

GG tried with this patch with truehd and it still failed.  He will check
into GIT dca.qt but not mlp or truehd.  Since the patch as quoted above was
only created in July/August, maybe at some future date it will be an
automatic part of an ffmpeg release and be fixed to work.  Even if it
worked, he does not want to take the chance of carrying a patch that may or
may not be later incorporated into a standard release.

QUESTION for you -- why "threads=2" in nagicyuv.qt and utvideo.qt ? GG is
OK with this, but was wondering if that makes it run better on your
computer ? And is there a limit of only 2 ?   Just curious...
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