[Cin] Latest CinGG release builds are ready for download

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 22:33:38 CET 2019

The latest CinGG builds are ready at cinelerra-gg.org to download.  This
month's big deal is "Scaling" so you can use it and actually see the text,
icons, and menus on a 4K monitor as well as change the size on any monitor
if you just want it to be a little bigger; for example 1.25 is quite nice
on a 1080p monitor.  Below are the abbreviated Release Notes that you can
also find on the website.
Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  *Release Notes* for 10/01/2019-10/31/2019
for builds

*Celebrating 1 year of the cinelerra-gg.org <http://cinelerra-gg.org>
website!*  Without *Sam*, we would not have even started or progressed this
far and continued onward.  Without* Pierre*, we would not have had the
motivation.   Now moving forward with assistance of *Andrea/Andrey*
converting the manual to Latex, plus much help from *IgorB* with testing,
demos, suggestions, and photo-montages, and then there is all of *Andrew *and
*Olaf* contributions, insights and updates, besides the testing/using/wiki
updating of *MatN*.  *Every single user* who has taken the time to log a
bug, do a test, make a feature request, or simply used the software helped
to keep Cinelerra alive and going strong.  This includes a “Thank You” to
the *lurkers*.

1. *Scaling for any monitor to include 4K HiDPI* monitors is now
available.  For usage there is an
     automatic probe if you do nothing different or you can easily modify
the Scaling in the Layout
     section of Settings→Preferences, Appearance tab – be aware that when
you click OK, the
     application will restart all by itself.  If you make a mistake in the
value you set in Preferences, you
     can workaround this by starting from a window using BC_SCALE=1 {your
cinelerra path/bin/cin}
    (orriginal request a long time ago from Terje, +  a post in Forum and
BT #25).
2. *Updated dav1d library* from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0 which has good speedups
(Andrew notification).
3. *Usability Improvements*:
    Several new Shape Wipe transitions have been added to include:
       Butterfly, Circle-s, Clouds-s, Diamond-s, Venetian Blind-s, Cross-s,
Diagonal-s, Double Door’s,
         Gravity, Linear-s, and Plasma for an additional 25 (thanks to
       Large rework of the Shape Wipe program code to include an additional
Feather (blend) slider.
       Update layout of the menu (based on IgorB’s design).
    Icons/pngs mods and additions for Cakewalk theme have been provided.
This includes replacement
       icons for the default Insertion Strategy icons (thanks to Olaf).
    Added Insertion Strategy icons back in for the Load Files, Render,
Record, and Menu Effects and at
       the same time cleaned up this code (D. Quinton suggestion).
    Mouse over the effects and transitions in the Resources window will
show a short definition when
       “Info on” is enabled via the right mouse button over an empty space
or the shortcut of the letter “i”
       (D. Quinton suggestion).
    Added a “Are you sure?” when updating Preferences if a Render or Record
is in progress or if a
      Restart is pending (Olaf suggestion).   Russian translation updated
to include many more translations plus fixes (Andrew’s work).
   14 new audio/video opts files to choose for a Render in the quicktime
(qt) and avi categories
      (Andrew contribution).
   Qt files now render with automatic extension of .mov instead of .qt
because mov is what works.
5. *Bugs/Issues Fixed*:
    Thirdparty build for Nvenc/Cuda fix has been added.
    Fixed error in the About September Features of note.
    Informational definitions for the Effects and Transitions have been
corrected – plugins.txt.
    Booby lock problems in plugin 720to480, updatefilter, and another
routtine have been fixed as well
       as another 2 potential fixes as found by Andrew.
    SEGV in popup menu found while using SVG via Inkscape when an empty
file name is fixed.
    Rework of the resource_init routine has been completed.
    YUV411 plugin fixed to immediately show a warning message if the
session format is not YUV.
    SEGV in Resources Window, Clip folder, when you click rmb, and paste
clip when nothing in the
      clipboard to paste, has been fixed (Olaf found).
    Plugin Selective Temporal Averaging radio buttons were not working, but
are now fixed (Andrew).
    Plugin Deinterlace-CV had a deadlock that has been corrected and the
missing dial is now back
       (Andrew reported this).
    The opts file avi.xvid has been fixed and put into the correct subtype
as xvid.avi (Andrew note).
    The differences.pdf file has been updated to include the latest
features added.
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