[Cin] Latest CinGG release builds are ready for download

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Thu Oct 31 22:44:48 CET 2019

On 31.10.19 22:33, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> The latest CinGG builds are ready at cinelerra-gg.org 
> <http://cinelerra-gg.org> to download. This month's big deal is 
> "Scaling" so you can use it and actually see the text, icons, and 
> menus on a 4K monitor as well as change the size on any monitor if you 
> just want it to be a little bigger; for example 1.25 is quite nice on 
> a 1080p monitor.  Below are the abbreviated Release Notes that you can 
> also find on the website.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity) *Release Notes* for 
> 10/01/2019-10/31/2019 for builds
> *Celebrating 1 year of the cinelerra-gg.org <http://cinelerra-gg.org> 
> website!*  Without /*Sam*/, we would not have even started or 
> progressed this far and continued onward. Without/*Pierre*/, we would 
> not have had the motivation.   Now moving forward with assistance of 
> /*Andrea/Andre**y*/ converting the manual to Latex, plus much help 
> from /*IgorB*/ with testing, demos, suggestions, and photo-montages, 
> and then there is all of /*Andrew */and /*Olaf*/ contributions, 
> insights and updates, besides the testing/using/wiki updating of 
> /*MatN*/. /*Every single user*/ who has taken the time to log a bug, 
> do a test, make a feature request, or simply used the software helped 
> to keep Cinelerra alive and going strong.  This includes a “Thank You” 
> to the /*lurkers*/.

I would like to join you in what you have said.

Thanks to all users, testers, designers, writers and contributors for 
their input and great work.

Also a big thank you to Phyllis and GG for their tireless and great work.


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