[Cin] The "Story of Dav1d" with Cinelerra builds (AV1 decoder)

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 16:33:32 CEST 2019


> Sorry, for not testing all those combination, I tend to just add/update
> new software
> as some program ask for it. And being Slackware OS can be moved both ways
> (up/downgrade) equally easy.
No problem -- testing of all the distros is most easily done here when we
do the monthly builds.  In fact we were quite surprised at the Slackware
build working so well here.

> I think obvious fix for nasm problem will be testing nasm version in
> cinelerra-5.1/configure.ac
> (like lines 464/465 currnetly do, but for something specific for 2.13 and
> up) and
> disable libdav1d with message if nasm too old.
> nasm --version
> NASM version 2.13.03 compiled on Mar 11 2018
> Or may be compile nasm as part of Cin-GG build system, but I'm afraid this
> way will lead to Cin OS :}
That is funny! a Cin OS!

Also, FYI - we did contact dav1d software guru - JBKempf - and gave him our
compliments and stated our concerns which he considered.  Just wanted to
let him know that one of our biggest concerns was the impediment other
software packages may have incorporating libdav1d into their packages for
the same reasons.  But in the end, like most developers, he prefers to move
forward with the latest.

We still think it is worth putting into Cinelerra and hope that ffmpeg
eventually adds an encode speed up too.  Phyllis/GG
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