[Cin] Today's GIT checkin includes 2 new features + miscellaneous

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 21:58:13 CEST 2019

Contributions to Cinelerra maintenance were checked in today and am noting
them here in 1 place for easy reference.  Builds for Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu
16 are in the cinelerra-gg/download/testing area.

*Crop & Position plugin* is new and has been added to the Geometry subset
(entirely available thanks to an anonymous contributor).  This is very nice
and very convenient.  A Crop Mantis BugTracker for the Compositor and any
other suggestions is issue #275 with percent versus pixel in BT #212.  Now
is a good time to make your wishes known on cropping in general.

*On the timeline, there is now a separator line *between tracks for easier
visibility (Ugin suggestion).

Render menus now update top line information when you click on render via

Render warnings added: “no audio or video in asset format” and “render file
per label and no labels”.

Changed Build scripts to not build libdav1d for 32-bit systems (Olivier

Updated copyright on Settings→Preferences, About screen (patch provided by

Also on the About screen, the August Features of Note was not done but is
now (MatN notify).

LV2 blacklist file updated to include 2 more lv2 plugins that fail (Olivier
found and let us know).
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