[Cin] Timeline borders

preobraz at gmail.com preobraz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 12:38:16 CEST 2019

Yes, the idea proposed by you solves my question too. Although the 
decision that was already presented in the build of September 4 is 
enough for me.

07.09.2019 11:21, Igor BEGHETTO пишет:
> The autoasset colors is perfect, really useful and powerful, for me.
> When I spoke about inserting a band instad of a line I means something 
> like the image added. The bands have not to add an information but only 
> "separate" the tracks, one each others, at your eyes, to better display 
> the tracks when an edit is mute, for example.
> Seems to me that it could solve the Ugin's question, if Ugin like it, I 
> think.
> I don't know it if would be possible to coding, neither if it can 
> consume a lot of cpu (for video refreshing) , and if users can like it.
> Of course, it is only an idea.
> IgorBeg
> Il 07/09/2019 8.41, preobraz at gmail.com ha scritto:
>> I understand correctly? Are we talking about these changes?
>> https://pic4a.ru/99/sud.png
>> Even they will not go to the main branch?
>> -- 
>> Ugin

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