[Cin] Timeline borders

preobraz at gmail.com preobraz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 08:41:49 CEST 2019

I understand correctly? Are we talking about these changes?
Even they will not go to the main branch?

07.09.2019 3:08, Phyllis Smith wrote:
> Ugin:
>> Is it possible to accept your proposed changes in the main branch and
>> make them customizable? Even this option already greatly helps in
>> orienting among the tracks.
>> We tried for a few hours today to come up with an acceptable solution for
> you *and *us.  GG wrote the code to also add a line to the patchbay but it
> was quite bad.  It looked bad and updating the line when the size of the
> track changes or when using the expanders in the patchbay (which, of
> course, also changes the size of the timeline track) is too costly.  This
> cost affects everyone.
> Maybe another developer can come up with a viable program code solution.
> Sorry, Phyllis/GG
> Height fo the tracks in the timeline

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