[Cin] Timeline borders

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Sep 7 10:21:22 CEST 2019

The autoasset colors is perfect, really useful and powerful, for me.
When I spoke about inserting a band instad of a line I means something 
like the image added. The bands have not to add an information but only 
"separate" the tracks, one each others, at your eyes, to better display 
the tracks when an edit is mute, for example.
Seems to me that it could solve the Ugin's question, if Ugin like it, I 
I don't know it if would be possible to coding, neither if it can 
consume a lot of cpu (for video refreshing) , and if users can like it.
Of course, it is only an idea.


Il 07/09/2019 8.41, preobraz at gmail.com ha scritto:
> I understand correctly? Are we talking about these changes?
> https://pic4a.ru/99/sud.png
> Even they will not go to the main branch?
> -- 
> Ugin
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