[Cin] Window manager theme

preobraz at gmail.com preobraz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 12:52:29 CEST 2019

Phyllis, I did not find the directory theme_cakewalk and others. I did 
find only the files: theme_cakewalk.plugin, theme_suv.plugin, etc.
Path: {cinelerra}/plugins/themes/
Or am I looking in the wrong place?

06.09.2019 21:28, Phyllis Smith пишет:
> Ugin:
> Sorry, I do not specialist on questions creating sinelerra's themes...
>> But I would be interested to read a guide on how to do it.
>> There might have been a guide available in the CV version in the past, but
> I have not located one.  It might be worthwhile to add one to the appendix
> in the CinelerraGG_manual.pdf in the future.
> Meanwhile if you look at     {cinelerra_path}/plugins/theme_cakewalk
> directory you can see what is involved.  For comparison, in the plugins
> subdirectory each of the themes has its own subdirectory, named theme_...
> (for example theme_suv or theme_hulk).  If you compare these, you can see
> that they all have similar formats with the majority of original work done
> in png and svg files.

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