[Cin] some problems - batch rendering warnings and opening project error, steps to have cinelerraGG officially in Gentoo

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 00:20:16 CEST 2019

Yesterday, gg looked at this again because it is an interesting problem and
I have a little bit of feedback.  First, we still have not been able to
create a similar problem, but I will test a couple of more possible ways to
create the same load failure.

I wonder if it's safe method at all - to load projects as resources (i.e.
> they loads as clips).
Wow, I did not even know that loading a project as a resource works, but it
seems to and gg says that it makes sense that it loads as a clip and the
code apparently supports that.  In previous testing neither one of us ever
considered loading that way!

I discovered another problem - I applied
> filter with keys to one (sub)project. Then I loaded them to main project
> and it seemed the filter is spread over the project but there is no
> visible controls (the bar with keys is not visible).

*I have been able to duplicate so I will show him and* *have him figure out
why/if that is expected*.

> Maybe I discovered source of problem - in (sub)project which made error
> I found the note "Hello world" several times, which displayed in main
> project

> <CLIP_NOTES>Hello world</CLIP_NOTES>
*"Hello world" is not likely the source of the problem* -- it is a
legitimate note that occurs when you create a clip and window edl, which in
the case of the 8000+ line of the problem loading project occurs in the
Viewer (VWINDOW_EDL).  The asset gets stripped down then if you run the
constructor and don't write over the comment, the default is "Hello world"
for the comment.  There are 18 of these in the 8000+ line file.  And, of
course, 1 at the very beginning where the comment was defaulted to "Hello
world" upon creating a clip to represent the xml file.

*A more likely cause*, which we have detected in the past and fixed, is an
unusual character in the XML file.  For example, an extra or missing quote
("), or a backslash (\) or parenthesis (() that is incorrectly placed, or
an unusual character in a filename like an accent grave . But nothing
obvious jumped out at us, probably because it would be hard to spot.

I am going to look some more at this problem, but may eventually have to
give up !!!  Phyllis/GG

(P.S. thanks IgorB for the screencasts which I still have to study more).
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