[Cin] Cinelerra's professionalism

Andrea paz gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 14:11:15 CEST 2019

Interesting question. I'm trying to say my mind:
I think there are three kinds of professionals.
1- Production for the cinema. This requires legal companies, as well
as large and rich; guarantees, compatibility with market standards,
assistance, etc.. CinGG can never aim at this market, but it's not a
defect. Moreover, at home everyone can make the movies they want,
since there is no lack of tools.
2- Broadcast TV. This is also an environment not within CinG's reach,
missing some tools (a story editor, for example) and especially the
compatibility with a huge number of formats (even on magnetic tape)
and devices for grabbing (I heard well about Edius, in this field).
But CinGG has almost all the features for this environment such as
multicam, motion graphics and titles, smart bins, preview, etc..
3- Personal enterprises of only one professional or at most small
groups. This is the territory that has made the fortune of Adobe
Premiere Pro. I believe that CinGG completely covers this area,
without feelings of inferiority. It is the point 2) of which Phyllis
also spoke.

In short, labelling CinGG as Pro software might seem like an
exaggeration, but it's actually so full of features that it can be
used comfortably in some Pro environments.

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