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Sam stated it well.

Keep in mind that "professional software" and "commercial software" may be
the same thing or have differences.  Just because CinelerraGG is free, as
opposed to for sale commercial software, does not indicate its professional
quality.  There is some commercial software that sometimes is not very
professional, is unstable, and the majority of it is never warranted.
(Just read some of the licensing agreements for commercial software which
clearly indicates that they are not held responsible).

I would also like to add the following *professional *attributes of the
software and service provided by the website:

1 - To loosely paraphrase the original author, video editing used to only
be done with exotic software no-one could afford.  Now CinelerraGG is the
affordable alternative for getting started.

2 - Several users use it to make production videos for which they are paid
-- being paid for work is part of the definition of "professional".  This
most likely includes music videos.
3 - To be considered professional, the software must be reliable and
stable.  No one wants to put a lot of time and effort into creating a
video, just to have the software crash and lose the work.  I think that the
current state of CinelerraGG is very stable.  That is not to say it can not
crash, it just means that it is not an everyday thing.

4 - The main developer is a professional programmer.  Although no pay is
involved for CinelerraGG, he was classically trained in the computer
science field with a bachelor's degree and worked for several companies in
the industry for over 35 years.  In addition, his assistant had worked for
pay in the computer field for about 30 years starting out as Sharp Wave in
the Navy, bachelor's degree in mathematics with Phi Beta Kappa, and
master's degree in Computer Science, not to mention the
Cray system programming experience.

5. The web service as provided by Sam is truly a professional work of art
completely maintained almost exclusively by him on an ongoing basis.  At
the same time, his video/photography skills are impeccable.  This
CinelerraGG website includes such professional qualities as a Bugtracker, a
Forum, access to documentation, extremely professional looking pages, and
includes language translations where possible.

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> Hi all!
> Why can cinelerra be called a professional editor? What does she have
> that which others do not have (Kdenlive, Shotcut, Olive, etc.)?
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> Ugin
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