[Cin] Imported sequences in Master Project and the Viewer

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Sep 14 10:31:26 CEST 2019

Full title: From the Viewer to the Timeline with the sequences imported 
in a Master Project.

I write here because I think it is not a bug, but may be it is important 
to add it in the Manual.
I would like to know yours opinion/possibility.

Consider you have:
- a subproject with more video and audio tracks, and on the tracks there 
are clips, autos, effects and keyframes.
- a Master Project with clips, autos, effect and keyframes.

1) In the Master Project, import the subproject (sequence) with 
"Insertion strategy= Create new resources only". You can see the 
subproject (sequence) in Resources->Clips (and its full name is the 
absolute path).
2) Drag and Drop the sequence from Clips to the Viewer.
3) Set In and Out Point in the Viewer and, in the Timeline, move the 
cursor position at the end of the tracks (for this example).
4) Click on "Splice (v)" button in the Viewer.
You can see the complete Sequence (autos, effects, keyframes) in the 
5) In the Timeline, move the cursor position at the end of the tracks again.
6) This time, click on "Overwrite (b)" button in the Viewer.
You can see the Sequence in the Timeline, but without its autos, effects 
and keyframe. If in the Timeline there were some autos/effects/keyframe, 
before of the Overwrite operation from the Viewer, they will still be there.

This behaviour occur also with "to Clip" feature, used from Timeline and 
following the steps from point#2.

Remember that if you want put the sequence correctly (with all its 
tracks) in the Master Project you must have the same, or more, number of 
tracks that there are in the original sequence (the original subproject).

About Note_1,
I don't know if it  is possible to implement by code, but could 
cinelerra open a little window with an alert if the tracks in the Master 
Project are less than the tracks in the sequence?
The alert could say something like: "The sequence/clip needs <V> more 
video track(s) and <A> more audio track(s) in the Timeline otherwise the 
sequence will be incomplete. Do you want to continue? <Yes> <No>".
<V>= number of video tracks to add
<A>= number of audio tracks to add



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