[Cin] Imported sequences in Master Project and the Viewer

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Mon Sep 16 03:15:35 CEST 2019


> 1- Better to put it in the Load and Save chapter (4 of 'wip') or in
> the Editing chapter (5)?
I think it belongs in the Editing chapter (6.3 in original Two Screen

The .pdf and .odt files are temporarily at:

After testing and discussing with gg, I reworded Igor's description so that
it made sense to me with the wording.  I hope that is OK, but it can be
changed again if I missed something.  And the title was changed to better
fit into the Editing chapter.

Igor, thank you for your contributions and I take this opportunity to
> extend to all users the invitation to make known mistakes and
> weaknesses of the manual. The aim is to make it better and better.
Yes, thank you and even if anyone has any minor corrections, please pass
them along.  Once it starts getting cold here, I hope to get back to
putting in some fixes to the LaTex sections that Andrea/Andrey have already

Commentary: GG looked at the code and the way the Overwrite works was
intentionally written to work this way (it is a feature, not a bug).  To me
it makes good sense, because you could very well want the autos/plugins you
put in the Master to be in effect always for smooth looking videos.

Also, I will find out about a warning message as recommended in "about note
1", but I am forecasting that gg will not want to.  Phyllis/GG
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