[Cin] Nested clip and proxy

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Tue Sep 17 11:09:47 CEST 2019

> BUT I have yet to understand IgorB's feedback on proxy with nesting
Phyllis, surely my terms (folder, path) was wrong there, sorry. I 
rewrite here again.
Usually proxy files of the media (videos, images) are created in the 
directory where the media are.
But the proxy files of the Nested Clips are created in Cinelerra-5.1 
I hope it clearer now.

> You would copy the 60 seconds in a clip, nest the clip in the Clip 
> folder of the Resources window and drag it to the timeline. You will 
> see only a clean clip without all of the edits that were used to 
> create it because nesting performs a render without having to actually 
> use the Render menu. Now you can add a Reverse effect, Color3way 
> plugin for black and white, and use the Speed auto to get the 60 
> seconds down to only 10 seconds.
Mmh, in the sentence "... it because nesting performs a *render* without 
having to actually use the Render menu..." I don't like the *render* 
word because it sound to me like if it create an output rendering, but 
it is not so. It is like a clip.

Sorry, my time is up, today. Thanks.

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