[Cin] How do I crop a picture-in-picture?

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Sun Apr 19 10:30:23 CEST 2020

My idea was:
· Videos without spoken locution. Optionally music if desired, but this
without copyright problems.
→ Being without speech, anyone can understand the video, so we rule out
language problems.
· Explicit title, this one would be in English.
· Maximum duration 2 minutes. This point may be flexible, but new
generations shy away from long videos. I think that more than 5 minutes
would be a mistake, with the exception of long process exceptions, but
capable of keeping the viewer interested.
→ True, maybe 2 minutes is too little, but maximum 5 minutes I think it
would be a good option.
· The space could be provided by Cinelerra, Google with a mail account
gives 15Gb, Mega also gives 15Gb. And make a public folder where users can
upload videos. If the video is good, it is put on the channel, if is video
not good, it simply is not put on the channel. Videos already uploaded or
discarded are deleted from the drive to maintain available space.
· Without headers or audios, it is not necessary.
→ For example, Igor Berg has a video on the forum in which he shows how to
work with proxies, without saying a word, he explains in such a way that
anyone can understand how proxies work in Cinelerra.
→ This is the idea. A person asked me about the Proxies in Cinelerra, My
answer was, look at https://streamable.com/3z5p8# he thanked me for
recommending this video by Igor.
· If the author wants to sign the video, well, he can put the information
that he considers pertinent so that his authorship is known. But also
accept anonymous videos.
→→→ I can also help as far as I can with the task of uploading the videos
to youtube and managing Drive. It is as simple as creating a shared email
account, where we can even redirect incoming emails, to our email accounts,
of the notifications that someone has uploaded a video in the shared folder.

El dom., 19 abr. 2020 a las 9:50, Andrea paz (<gamberucci.andrea at gmail.com>)

> I, having enough time on my hands (and not only in these covid-19
> times) could take care of it. The procedure is not very clear to me:
> whoever wants to contribute with a video puts it on Google Drive,
> Dropbox, Youtube, etc. and then gives me the address. I unload it and
> then upload it to the channel. Are there other ways?
> My 2 cents:
> I wouldn't be rigid about video requests; good video/audio quality
> with nice intro. For the rest I'd leave the length free (yes, I also
> think that "short" means more appeal, but some IgorBeg videos that are
> essential would be left out); put a voice or not. The important thing
> is, if there's voice or subtitles, they're also or only in English).
> From the beginning this community has decided that the only official
> language is English. If it were up to me, I would teach Italian to all
> of you... ;-)
> Once we have reached a certain number of videos we could put the links
> on the Manual, because they would help the understanding of the text.
> Within the channel you could create playlists for each contributor.
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