[Cin] Best practice to copy & paste track with changed speed

deim31 deim31 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 23:23:19 CEST 2020


I made small tutorial from mobile screen record. I changed speed and 
when I realized I wanted blur some region I tried this:

try #1:
1) copy region from video to new video track
2) set mask for region
3) add blur effect

But it doesn't work - what I copied is not what I pasted

try #2:
1) copy whole track to new video track
2) and 3) is identical to #1

But speed didn't copy => argh...

try #3:
1) copy whole track to new video track before speed modification
2) gang edits and edit speed (copied to second track)

This worked well.

But there may be a bigger project where I realize I need to copy track 
with modified speed so my question is how to do it when I didn't planned 
edits well and need to copy region from track with changed speed.

Thanks ;-)

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