[Cin] Can't get Cin installed

Igor BEGHETTO igorbeg at visi1.org
Sat Apr 25 21:31:04 CEST 2020

Hi Douglas,
I do not understand which Operating System you are using (I guess 
In addiction to what Phyllis wrote, you can see a video to install 
Cinelerra-gg, if it can help.
Link to http://www.visi1.org/cinelerra-gg_tutorials#DownloadAndFirstRun
My OS is UbuntuStudio_16.04. You can choose the Cinelerra-gg version for 
your OS.


Il 25/04/2020 19.34, Phyllis Smith ha scritto:
>  Doug,
> Make your life a lot easier by installing Cinelerra from the tar 
> file.  If you are using Mint 19, here are the steps to do that.
> 1) download the tar file via the internet by clicking on the link 
> provided below and choosing "Save file":
> https://cinelerra-gg.org/download/tars/cinelerra-5.1-mint19-20200331.x86_64-static.txz
> 2) most likely your computer is probably set up to download that file 
> to your $HOME/Downloads directory but you may have changed that or can 
> change it to /tmp
> 3) in a window, keyin the following:
>     cd /the_path_where_you_want_to_put_cinelerra
>     mkdir cin
>     tar -xJf 
> $Home/Downloads/cinelerra-5.1-mint19-20200331.x86_64-static.txz
> (Above, you have to substitute wherever you downloaded that file to 
> for $Home/Downloads is you put it somewhere else).
> 4) to run Cnelerra, keyin:  /the_path_where_you_put_cinelerra/bin/cin
> If you get stopped, just reply and I will see what went wrong.
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