[Cin] July monthly builds available BUT lots of clean up still..

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 18:00:56 CEST 2020

We had a lot of problems with the builds yesterday so have a lot of cleanup
and documentation fixes to do yet this weekend.  Some problems listed here.

Tumbleweed (Leap-ish) may be eliminated next month because it is very
time-consuming to upgrade this Operating System every month since it is not
a distro that we use on a daily basis.  It has been a problem every month;
for example 2,000 packages had to be updated for it between June 29 and
July 29 and then it did not work correctly.  Instead we ended up doing a
brand new install which also took a lot of time (about 4 hours).  So unless
we get feedback that it is worth the time, it will be dropped.

Leap 15-02 build and Mint 20 are new builds this month but installing has
not been tested or updated on the website due to time constraints.
Arch, Tumbleweed, and Gentoo are OK but GG had to make some changes.

------------------------ *Release Notes *(found on website as usual)

Cinelerra-GG (Version Infinity)  Release Notes for 07/01/2020-07/31/2020
for builds

1. *Upgraded several thirdparty libraries* to include:
    *FFmpeg to 4.3* – with new plugins of asubboost (audio) and addroi,
bilateral, cas, dblur, gradients,
       median, photosensitivity, scdet, scroll, sierpinski, thistogram,
tmedian, untile, v360, yaepblur
      (video) plugins.  You can use “i” in the Resources window and mouse
on each to get short
    *+ turbo-jpeg, vorbis, x265, vpx, lv2, aom, and dav1d.*
2.  Mint 20 builds are now available and Leap is updated to 15.2.2.
3.  *Gang modes*, which includes Gang Channels mode for DAW-like editing,
has minor improvements:
    - Using Shift on the gang mode toggle, switches back to the previous
mode thus making it easy to
      see a different view temporarily in order to view the actual track
    - Gang Channel icon in the top line of the timeline, is yellow to help
make it clear that you are in this
       mode.  The Gang Media icon is red as a warning of this mode.  The
default Gang None is just in a
       theme related ordinary color, often white.
    - A slight change in the order of symbols in the Patchbay has been made
for aesthetic purposes.
    - Wysiwig tweak for ganging set of the Master Track for channels.
4.  *Align Timecodes* feature has been added based on different timecodes
or timings included with the
     files.  LTC from external generated audio has not been incorporated
due to lack of proper test
     material.  Usage description is included temporarily as a pdf file
attached to BT# 448 (which
     prompted this incomplete feature).
5. *Tracks Swap Up/Down* added to the Tracks pulldown to provide previous
capability that was in
     “move up”/”move down”.
6. *Usability Improvements:*
    In the Viewer window, you can, but no longer have to press Rewind
button to start Play over again.
      This includes play, fast play, play reverse, and fast play reverse
(Skinkie BT #463).
    Many FFmpeg plugins required the use of the Apply button before a
parameter change would take
      effect.  Now when you type in a parameter change and hit the Enter
key, the change will take effect
      (Skinkie BT #464).
    *Auto Rotate for ffmpeg video that has “metadata” *defining the
rotation in 90 degree increments has
      been implemented and is now the default, but you can change this in
      Appearance, Flags (Ig0r forum “Rotation metadata usage in
    Added a dump_stack to the generated crash dumps so that this
information is always included, thus
      making user crash dumps more valuable for analysis and potentially
fixing the bugs that are found.
    *Subtitles now have a choice of format* in that menu; srt for SubRip
which is now the default, sub
       for Subviewer and udvd which was the original MicroDVD format
(RafaMar BT #475).
    *Mix master*s menu item added under the Window pulldown → Mixers
subwindow.  This additional
       feature makes it very easy to get into the multi-camera mixer mode
after tracks have already been
       set up and edited.
    When using “File by Reference”  if you exit without “saving”, a
reminder will popup to allow you to
       choose to save so that you do not lose work.
    Minor Spanish translation update (from Rafamar).
7. *Bugs/Issues fixed:*
    The “drag” checkbox for the following plugins has had a major rework
        Sketcher, CriKey, Title, Tracer, and Boxblur
    Change prompted by BT #482 from RafaMar which was a bug.  Two
additional bugs were found
       while working this problem and have now been fixed too.  The “drag”
value is no longer saved in
       the keyframe.
    Problem with resizing the textbox with the Y axis has been fixed
(RafaMar BT #456, subtitle).
    The Mask has been tweaked to fix an edge case of 128 cpus which lead to
undesirable lines.
    An Index bug that has been around for some time where the drawing on
the timeline did not
       complete, has been fixed.
    A reference count has been added in 19 places to keep track of cache as
a design implementation
       change to resolve occasional SEGV crashes.
    Fixed break created by creating a clip in OpenEDL edit mode (Fary54 BT
    Fixed a bug in ffmpeg scan remap code.
    Applied a modified patch for configure.ac with a precedence problem in
at least 3 different places
      (Ferdnyc supplied patch information in BT 473).
    Hang cinelerra_18388.dmp when use “s” in OpenEDL level (BT #470 Fary54
and Andrea both
       reproduced this bug).
    If Render Farm is enabled and you render a single frame, it was
creating multiple output instead of
      just 1.  This is now fixed.
    ResampleRT plugin to speed up and slow down the audio is now fixed
(Houku BT#474).  A fix for a
       segv that occurred while testing has been made also.
    Fixed affine.C and interp.h which are used in the Motion and
Perspective plugins, as well as in other
       places, for various boundary conditions (Georgy aka sge, patch in BT
    A mod has been added to fix usage of Paste in the Resources window when
preview media is enabled
      (RafaMar BT # 476).
    PatchB for ffmpeg is a temporary patch until a new release that
includes this ssse3 patch is available.
       It fixes a padding issue of 16 as 4 was insufficient.
    A fix for another vicon thread lock problem has been added through
rework (Armandux BT #481) +
       fixed a discovered problem of vicon interruption during a render
    Tweaked Closed Caption text fonts (for personal use).
    Fixed sync EDL for plugin gui flip out and tweaked plugin gui id’s.
    Changed vrender reconfigure to fix a problem.
    Added listbox selection index range tests to prevent issues.
    Modification made to the build procedure to allow for Cuda version 11.
    A fix to also change the length in OpenEDL of the audio has been added
(Fary54 BT#430).
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