[Cin] Request: Language settings

Gerd + Beatrix Elgert gebeel at freenet.de
Sun Aug 2 11:50:22 CEST 2020


the new mint package installs perfect. Thank you all.

My only REQUEST for some time in the future: Could you add an additional 
tab for language settings in the preferences - like in the animation 
program Krita?

My system is set up in German and I constantly need to switch between 
German and English to make full use of the excellent English tutorials 
which are out there. (I have been using Cinelerra since 2008. But with 
new technologies and equipment I am constantly testing and learning)

At the moment I have to start CIN in the terminal to make it load the 
English language at start. That does it for me, but it is not an elegant 
solution. Have a look at Krita.

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