[Cin] BUG on Clear keyframes (CinGG-release by GIT 30Aug 2020)

Andrew Randrianasulu randrianasulu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 17:31:56 CEST 2020

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Тема: Re: [Cin] BUG on Clear keyframes (CinGG-release by GIT 30Aug 2020)
Дата: Понедельник 31 августа 2020
Отправитель: Andrew Randrianasulu <randrianasulu at gmail.com>
Получатель:  cin at lists.cinelerra-gg.org

В сообщении от Monday 31 August 2020 15:56:28 Igor BEGHETTO via Cin написал(а):
> Clear Keyframes (Shift+Del) do not delete the right keyframes.
> Maybe it's too late for the monthy release but a bug I found. I don't 
> know if this bug is also in the last GIT release.

I think bug still exist in latest (0678b17975f50a831fb8a1cda6baaa961e3b6de7) code,
at least if I try to cover all existing keyframes by highlighting them - they all disappear.

But if I only select 2-3 out of 4 - yes, remaining keyframes moved left, into higlighted region.

Thing is, because those keyframes represent change ... deleting only SOME of them will 
create new curve (default value in highlighted region, abruptly starting to climb to remaining keyframes
as  we move outside of highlighted region).

I mean, isn't this operation ought to *create* some keyframes in such case, too? 


No, my thinking above was not useful here, but may be keyframes saved not as 
absolute pairs (distance from start of timeline, value), but as relative (delta) to 
previous keyframe values?

If so, 'delete keyframes' should recalculate this delta for next left keyframe outside of 
highlighted region relative to keyframe right before highlight started (if any).
And then apply those values to left (next) keyframe.

At least when it comes to automatization keyframes like fade, speed, etc.
Not sure how plugin automatization  should react.

> 1. Create three (or more) Fade keyframes
> 2. Highlight an area to select one or more Fade keyframe
> 3. Hit Shift+Del shortcut or Keyframes-> Clear Keyframes
> 4. It delete the wrong keyframes and move others.
> (Note: Settings-> keyframes follow edits = checked)
> Take a look the screencast at
> https://streamable.com/q58t37
> Thanks! (Sorry for the late)
> IgorBeg


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