[Cin] Missing plugin MOTION CV caused heavy error

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 22:07:42 CET 2020

Sorry for the inconvenience but the revised Motion plugin by Georgy was
just so much improved that the hope was to prevent future confusion about
which Motion plugin to use.  There was concern about existing past projects
but a workaround existed.

> I need your support for making the Motion CV plugin usable for me again.
> The background: I started working on a huge project in April this year with
> my team. We made heavy use of motion tracking. To achieve this we made
> several tests with all available motion plugins in April 2020 and decided
> to only use "Motion CV". Nobody knew, we chose an effect which would
> deleted only few month later. I couldn't even imagine something like this
> happening.
Any of the suggestions already provided from Igor/Andrea/Andrew should
work.  I tested Andrew's idea of binary plugin from a previous version and
that worked for me on Fedora O/S and this could be the easiest way for you
to go, although I did not do extensive testing.  But I will have to send
you the binary Motion-CV plugin for your particular Operating System once
you let me know.  Directions are below.

Is it possible to reinstall the plugin by myself? Or can you provide the
> plugin again with the next update?

1) A fairly easy way to proceed is to download the 10/31/2020 static tar
from the website for your O/S.  The reason for this is because if there is
a problem, you will still have what you are currently using for CinelerraGG
and it will not be impacted.
2) Create a new directory to unpack this static tar as in these directions:
    cd /path                  --- do NOT use the word path but substitute
your directory name
   mkdir cin
   cd cin
   tar -xJf /src/path/cinelerra-5.1-*.txz      --- do NOT use src, path, or
* but substitute your downloaded name
3) Let us know which operating system and version you are using so I can
provide the binary Motion-CV plugin.
4) Copy the sent motion-cv.plugin file to where you unpacked the static
tar, under the /whereyouputcinelerra/bin/plugins/video/   directory.
5) Manually start this version of Cinelerra (usually this would be
6) Look to see if Motion-CV shows in the Resources window under the Video
Effects.  It automatically did when I tested in Fedora.  If it does not, go
into Settings->Preferences, Interface tab and click on "Reload plugin

The above is much easier than it sounds.  If you want to try this, remember
to email Operating System and version number.  ...Phyllis
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