[Cin] Index on manual in Latex (to Andrey)

Sam cinelerra at posteo.de
Sat Dec 12 22:36:12 CET 2020

Hi Andrea,

I had created this cover image in Gimp and it only exists as a pixel 
file, so unfortunately no SVG file exists.


Am 11.12.20 um 22:32 schrieb Andrea paz via Cin:
> Despite the error I reported, CinelerrGG_Manual.idx is created.
> The result of the pdf, however, is to have two Glossaries and not a
> Glossary and an Index. It seems to me that the makeindex command works
> for both the Glossary and Index, and only a double Glossary comes out
> of this overlap.
> I remember that I'm talking about TexStudio, and not the terminal.
> PS: the cover image was created by Sam for the CinGG start splash
> screen. I don't think a svg version exists. Sam, do you confirm?

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