[Cin] Feedback on ColorSpace new plugin

Phyllis Smith phylsmith2017 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 20:31:24 CET 2020

Hi, Andrea,
Since these questions were under the Bodhi Linux email subject, I thought I
had better start a new subject.  Next is from your email:

 - Is it possible to put in Info --> Details, also the color space
information (or if it is a Log or Raw) associated with the media?
This is now in the latest checkin and works for ffmpeg loaded files only
under Resources/Info/Details.  If it is unknown, it will say unknown.  Here
is an example:

  file path: /root/media/Capture0000.mov
 ...format: mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2

1 video stream
vid0 (0),  id 0x000063:
  video1 dnxhd  1920x1080 29.97 pix yuv422p10le
    *color space:bt709/ range:tv*

- Is it possible to put the file path:  DCI-P3 colour space as well?  ...so
we will have a more complete coverage...
*Unfortunately,* this was treated differently by ffmpeg - not as a
colorspace like the others so it is not available in the same manner.
Although I am going to have to have him look at this again using
smpte431/432 as alternative names.

  -A very ambitious request would be to incorporate these algorithms into
the Transcode tool as well, in order to also choose the color space in
addition to the audio/video codecs. In this way you would have a first hint
of Color Management, with all media standardized and well managed.     *Logged
this as BT #384.*
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